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【Value】ValuE White Lotion Hand Soap (4*4L)



【Value】ValuE White Lotion Hand Soap (4*4L)

When you are running a restaurant, everything has to be spotlessly clean. With hands touching everything, it is important to keep them clean and moisturized. ValuE White Lotion Hand Soap has a gentle, pleasant scent and is formulated with natural moisturizers that keep hands soft and smooth. The high viscosity formula works well in lotion dispensers, so you and your staff can wash up fast without missing an order. The high quality soap is also available in bulk, for you to refill the soap dispensers in your busy restaurants.

  • ValuE White Lotion Hand Soap comes in bulk in a box of 4 4-litre bottles at wholesale price.
  • ValuE White Lotion Hand Soap has a pleasant scent.
  • ValuE White Lotion Hand Soap makes your hands feel soft and smooth after use.
Product specifications:
Product name: White Lotion Hand Soap
Volume: 4 L / bottle
Quantity: 4 bottles / box
Brand: ValuE
Direction for Use
  1. Apply a small amount of the lotion to wet hands.
  2. Rub hands together for at least 10 seconds.
  3. Rinse hands with water until clear of lotion.
  4. Dry hands.
  • This product may cause serious irritation to the eye.
  • In the scenario that this chemical comes into contact with the eyes,
    1. rinse eye cautiously with water for several minutes;
    2. remove contact lenses if present and possible;
    3. continue rinsing;
    4. seek immediate medical attention.
  • Refer to information on the product package for more information.

Product Description

Ensuring that your hands are clean and moisturized is a must for any food service setting. This bulk hand soap is made with natural moisturizers and works perfectly with your lotion dispensers, making it so much easier to keep your hands soft and smooth. Available in pleasantly scented varieties, this high-quality hand soap will leave you feeling confident when handling food.

ValuE White Lotion Hand Soap is a high-quality, heavily moisturizing hand soap. Your customers will surely love this soap as it will not leave their hands feeling dry nor tight. In fact, most are surprised to find how soft and smooth their skin feels after using it.

ValuE White Lotion Hand Soap is formulated with natural moisturizers. This high viscosity hand soap also comes in a pleasant-smelling white formula. This soap is made from high-quality ingredients and is designed to work in most dispensers. The high viscosity allows for it to stay in the dispenser, perfect for restaurant applications.

ValuE White Lotion Hand Soap is sold in bulk. It can be used to refill your soap dispensers. The 4-litre package makes it ideal for all restaurants that need huge quantities of liquid soap.

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