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【JT-1000】32oz/1000ml Microwavable Circular Noodle Bowl with Lid 100/cs-F26



【JT-1000】32oz/1000ml Microwavable Circular Noodle Bowl with Lid 100/cs

  • JT circular bowls can hold both boiling-hot right-off-the-stove stew and cool fresh salad
  • JT circular bowls are perfect for microwaving, storing small or individual portions to go, owing to their compact designs.
  • JT circular bowls come with a transparent snap-fit lid that allows you to clearly see the content inside.
Product specifications:
Product name: Microwaveable Circular Noodle Bowl
Volume: 32 oz / 1000 mL
Quantity: 100 set / case
Brand: Maple Trade Corporation
Serial number: JT1000

Product Description

The microwavable circular bowl is the perfect bowl for a range of uses. Not to mention that it is also ideal for food that your customers might want to reheat at their own homes. Who doesn’t like the convenience of being able to reheat food quickly without needing to wash an extra dish?

Not only are they pragmatic and convenient, but these microwavable bowls are also easy on your storage facility. They stack nicely on top of one another and take up little space when not in use. It is just perfect for even the smallest kitchens and hotdog stands! With 100 pieces per set, your stock will be able to last for a long time.

Concerned that the bowl may not be strong enough to withstand the food you put in (be it chunky bones or melting hot)? This bowl is made with durable heavy-weight polypropylene that will support your most hefty creations without a sweat. This is to say that problems such as bending and cracking are completely off the table.

These microwavable bowls are easy to clean and to deal with once your guests have finished their meals. Not only are they microwavable, but they can also withstand your dishwashers. Throw them into the dishwasher to be reused as you feel like it or throw them into the recyclable bin to be recycled. Become the next environmental-friendly takeout business with these leak-resistant, space-saving, sustainable microwavable bowls.

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