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【CF-36811】Cavendish Farms Frozen Slim Cut Sweet Potato Fries 6 × 1.13 kg



【CF-36811】Cavendish Farms Frozen Slim Cut Sweet Potato Fries 6 × 1.13 kg

We want you to be able to satisfy your customers and keep them coming back for more. That’s why we offer Cavendish Farms Frozen Slim Cut Sweet Potato Fries. These fries are exceptionally crispy and taste great when paired with signature condiments like ketchup, ranch, or BBQ sauce. They’re also a rich and attractive orange colour and come ready-to-make and easy to prepare, making them perfect for your concession stands, burger joints, and fast-food restaurants!

Product specifications:
Brand: Cavendish Farms
Product name: Sweet Potato Fries
Cut: Slim Steak Cut
Cut Size: 5/16″ x 1/2″
Unit Weight: 1.13 kg / pack
Quantity: 6 packs / case
Total Weight: 6.78 kg
Price per unit: $NaN / kg

Product Description

The Cavendish Farms Frozen Slim Cut Sweet Potato Fries are of premium quality. Deep-fry in a fryer at 180℃ / 350℉ for 3 – 3 ¼ minutes, or bake in an oven at 220℃ / 425℉ for 24 minutes for recommended results.

These fries contain a clear coat, which gives them a premium appearance and an exceptionally crispy texture. They can be heated in the oven or deep fryers and will stay hot and crispy for a longer time while satisfying your customers. These fries are thicker cut, which means that they don’t break as easily and absorb less oil while preparing them.

Cavendish Farms Frozen Slim Cut Sweet Potato Fries are perfect for a satisfying appetizer dish, a side dish or a main course. With a thick cut and clear coat, these fries have an exceptionally crispy exterior while maintaining a soft fluffy interior. These frozen fries come ready to make and easy to prepare. Available in an attractive orange colour that pairs well with any meal, these fries are sure to please your customers. With a clear coat and the perfect crunchy texture, these sweet potato fries will satisfy your customers and leave them wanting more.

No matter you are looking for the best condiments to pair these fries with or looking for high-quality oil to deep-fry them in, Facedrive Supply store has you covered. Check out our store today for more unbelievingly good products for your business.

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