【China Butterfly】 Extra Long Grain Rice (20kg) (tax free)【D09



【China Butterfly】 Extra Long Grain Rice (20kg) (tax free)【D09

China Butterfly Extra Long Grain Rice is a 100% high-quality long grain rice known for its suitability for fried rice dishes. Discover the world of long grain rice with its aromatic bouquet, natural fragrance, and superior quality. This long grain rice is processed, milled, and packed to ensure its premium quality. This long established brand will provide you with a rice product that is known for its consistency and reliability.

Product specifications:
Brand: China Butterfly
Product name: Extra Long Grain Rice
Total Weight: 20 kg
Price per unit: $NaN / kg

Product Description

China Butterfly Extra Long Grain Rice is a long-established brand that has been popular for generations. We know that you’ve spent countless hours searching for just the right long grain rice, and we now present you with a perfect blend of quality and consistency that will be sure to impress your customers.

This premium quality, top-selling China Butterfly Extra Long Grain Rice is a naturally aromatic, nourishing, and tasty rice that has been recognized by the world. This long established brand offers a premium experience from start to finish. Expertly milled for premium quality, and delivered to you in convenient bags. Use this rice in your menus and never get stuck with boring rice again.

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