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【Wanglaoji 】Herbal Tea 310ml*24 (tax free)



【Wanglaoji】Herbal Tea 310ml*24 (tax free)

Wanglaoji is a famous Chinese herbal tea brand with a nearly 200-year history. The company was founded in 1828 and has won the Guinness World Record for being the oldest brand of herbal tea in the world. Wanglaoji is included on China’s National Intangible Cultural Heritage List and is also the most popular herbal tea in China, where it is also known as “China’s Coca-Cola“. No doubt that this healthy option will be well-received by your customers.

  • Wanglaoji Herbal Tea comes in a box of 24 cans at wholesale price.
  • Wanglaoji Herbal Tea should be stored in cool and dark places. Avoid direct sunlight. The can should not be frozen, although refrigeration is acceptable. Precipitation in drinks is a normal phenomenon. Please shake well before drinking.
  • Wanglaoji Herbal Tea is listed in the Guinness World Record as the oldest brand of herbal tea in the world.
  • Wanglaoji Herbal Tea is brewed from natural Chinese herbal medicines, giving it a fullness of health benefits.
Product specifications:
Product name: Herbal Tea
Volume: 310 mL / can
Quantity: 24 cans / box
Brand: Wanglaoji

Product Description

Wanglaoji Herbal Tea is a traditional healthy drink that has been widely consumed in China for centuries. This tea is made from natural Chinese herbal medicines, giving it a unique flavour and health benefits. It is included in China’s National Precious Intangible Cultural Heritage. It is recognized by the Guinness World Record as the “World’s Oldest Herbal Tea Brand”.

This brand is famous for its long history, and its representation of traditional Chinese medicinal culture. This best-selling herbal tea in China has been exported to 60 countries and regions worldwide and is lauded for its quality and excellent taste.

Wanglaoji Herbal Tea is China’s original herbal tea. Born in 1828 during the Qing Dynasty, Wanglaoji has a long history of nearly 200 years and has been brewed from natural Chinese herbal medicines since then. Today, it is not only recognized as the ancestor of modern herbal tea but also as one of the most well-known brands in China.

Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to healthy living. Due to its first-class quality, excellent taste, and high reputation among customers, Wanglaoji Herbal Tea has become a must-have for those who care about their health. This healthy beverage will surely be appreciated by restaurant-goers as an option to go with their meal orders.

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