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【Coca-Cola】Fanta Orange 473ML*12【D05



【Fanta】Fanta Orange 473ML*12

Whether you are a local pizzeria or a Michelin-star restaurant, it is always a good idea to keep some Fanta Orange bottle in stock.

  • Fanta Orange comes in a pack of 12 bottles at wholesale price.
  • Fanta Orange is crisp and refreshing, best served chilling cold.
  • Fanta Orange is made from real oranges with 100% natural flavorus without artificial flavours and colours.
  • Fanta Orange pairs well with all kinds of snacks and dishes.


Product specifications:
Product name: Fanta Orange
Volume: 473 mL / bottle
Quantity: 12 bottles / case
Brand: Fanta
Company: Coca-Cola

Product Description

Produced by the soft drink giants Coca-Cola Company, Fanta Orange is their second oldest brand and has been a favourite for over 75 years. Its popularity has only risen across the years; the refreshing crisp flavour will never stop amazing you and your customers. For the best enjoyment and experience, freeze your bottle in the refrigerator until it is chilling cool. The fizzing orange drink will quench your thirst in no time as it tingles your throat with comfort.

This drink is 100% natural with no artificial colours or flavours. It contains 5% juice from concentrate, is caffeine-free, and is made with real oranges. You may not have thought of this, but Fanta Orange pairs surprisingly well with all kinds of snacks, from pretzels to garlic crackers to chicharrones. No doubt that it will go well with all the meals that you provide at your restaurant, and your customers will not be disappointed with it.

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