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【PC】Ketchup Packets 500x8ML/CS



【PC】Ketchup Packets 500x8ML/CS

PC Ketchup Packets are classical, but did you know it is a condiment that can do so much more for the food you serve at your restaurant? It can trim the fat of greasy fried foods, add a new dimension to the flavours in sandwiches and burgers, and even bring out the best of french fries. In fact, ketchup is such an important part of our diet that it is essential for all restaurants to keep some on hand.

  • PC Ketchup Packets are shelf-stable in storage.
  • PC Ketchup Packets are made from premium quality mature red ripened tomatoes.
  • PC Ketchup Packets are attractive and easy to use, an on-the-go options ideal for high-volume and fast-paced establishments.
  • PC Ketchup Packets are essential to all condiment stations.
Product specifications:
Product name: Ketchup Packet
Volume: 8 mL / packet
Quantity: 500 packets / box
Brand: PC

Product Description

If you’re looking for an essential addition to any condiment station, look no further than PC Ketchup Packets. This is the packet your customer will recognize, trust, and enjoy. Serving your customers on the go? PC Ketchup Packets are your answer to fast-food condiments. No longer is there a need for a bulky bottle of ketchup at your condiment table. These packets’ compact size and easy-open design make them perfect for restaurants and other food establishments. The convenient single-serve option is ideal for your customers who want to enjoy your dishes outside.

“Old-fashioned but delicious.” That is what we think of when we mention ketchup. With the high-quality PC Ketchup Packet in your restaurants, you can easily provide your patrons with the best ketchup they have ever tasted. Made from mature red ripened tomatoes, concentrated to a silky smooth texture, this is the ideal condiment for any meal that your customers will get at your restaurant.

Blending convenience and quality in a compact package, PC Ketchup Packets are designed to top off the delicious menu options at your restaurant with a premium condiment. You, for sure, would not like your restaurant to run out of ketchup. With this easily storable shelf-stable ketchup product, you will never have to worry about running out again! A must-have for every food establishment, These ketchup packets are very space-efficient in storage, which means that you can easily stock up a lot of these boxes for your restaurant’s needs. They are now available in bulk at wholesale price at the Facedrive Supply store.

Want to serve ketchup to your customers straight out of the pack, but do not have anything to hold it? Check out our catalogue now for our best-selling sauce cups and serve your customers without fuss.

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