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【Bunge】 Deodorized Lard (20KG) (tax free)



【Bunge】 Deodorized Lard (20KG)

Bunge Deodorized Lard is a high-quality cooking lard product that can be used in multiple cooking situations.

  • Bunge Deodorized Lard performs well at high temperatures without smoking.
  • Bunge Deodorized Lard is perfect for all frying and baking applications.
  • Bunge Deodorized Lard will amaze you with the rich and uniform textures it gives your food products.
  • Bunge Deodorized Lard has been deodorized, making it ideal for baked goods, frying, or any cooking application where the odours or flavours may be a concern.
Product specifications:
Product name: Deodorized Lard
Brand: Bunge
Weight: 20KG

Product Description

Bunge Deodorized Lard has been deodorized to remove the strong odour traditionally associated with lards. This versatile product is completely free from unpleasant odours and tastes wonderful when used in various cooking applications. This makes it the ideal choice for baked goods frying or any cooking application where the odours or flavours of lards may be a concern.

Unquestionably, we are sure that this product of Canada will be an excellent addition to any commercial kitchen. Our 20kg bag packing also makes it easy for all store owners to stock up on this product for your demanding daily operations.

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