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【Haday】Soy Sauce 1.9L x 6



【Haday】Soy Sauce 1.9L x 6

The perfect addition to any recipe calling for soy sauce, Haday Soy Sauce is a light soy sauce that is delicately balanced with salt, sweet and tart flavours. Made from a combination of wheat flour and soybeans, this sauce has a well-balanced flavour that adds a nice and deep flavour to all dishes. Perfect for noodle bowls, sushi, teriyaki chicken, meats, vegetable stir-frys, and more; you cannot go wrong with stocking up on this soy sauce product in your kitchen.

  • Haday Soy Sauce is a light soy sauce.
  • Haday Soy Sauce is made from soybeans, wheat flour, and dried scallops.
  • Haday Soy Sauce is ideal for making dips, cooking, marinating, and much more.
  • Haday Soy Sauce may contain allergens.
Product specifications:
Product name: Soy Sauce
Volume: 1.9 L / bottle
Quantity: 6 bottles / box
Brand: Haday

Product Description

This delicately consistent, best-selling Haday Soy Sauce is the perfect choice for any recipe calling for soy sauce. From noodle bowls to sushi, chicken to vegetable stir-fry, this versatile sauce will make your favourite dish even more delicious. Made from selected soybeans, wheat flour, and dried scallops, this high-quality sauce offers a well-balanced combination of salt, sweet, and tart flavours. It also adds nice flavours to any dish while being healthy and nutritious.

For generations, cooks in Asia have relied on soy sauce as a staple ingredient for cooking. The light Haday Soy Sauce not only recreates the traditional Chinese flavour, but also adds depth to your homey Canadian recipes.

The perfect condiment for your health-conscious patrons, Haday Soy Sauce is a healthy option that offers a high nutrition quotient to any diet.

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